Rubén Fung

Rubén Fung, the Senior Director and founder of Doshinkai Dojo, brings over 35 years of extensive
experience in karate training and teaching. Holding a 5th degree black belt (5th Dan) in SKIF (Shotokan
Karate-Do International Federation) and recognized as a Certified Instructor, Rubén’s expertise is
marked by a distinguished career:

  • As the Senior Instructor and General Coordinator for The Shotokan Karate-Do Center at the
    Trotter Family YMCA in Houston, Texas, he dedicated 13 years to shaping the karate community.
  • With a versatile teaching approach, Rubén has effectively instructed individuals of all ages,
    spanning from grade school to adult and senior practitioners. He has catered to various skill
    levels, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced.
  • Rubén’s guidance has propelled numerous young athletes to success in national and
    international tournaments.
  • He has served as the Karate Technical Advisor for dojos in Texas, New York, and Panama,
    contributing his expertise to enhance training methodologies.
  • Through organizing and hosting numerous karate training camps, Rubén has fostered a dynamic
    learning environment for aspiring karatekas.
  • Internationally, he has developed and implemented diverse karate programs, contributing to
    the global growth of SKIF.
  • Rubén’s active participation in national and international karate seminars and tournaments
    underscores his commitment to continuous learning and skill refinement.
  • In collaboration with Arnoldo R Cohen, Rubén played a pivotal role in introducing and co-
    founding SKIF in Panama at the University of Panama Karate Club in 1999.
  • Since 2018, Rubén has served as the Secretary for SKIF USA, contributing his leadership to the
    organization’s activities and initiatives.